Mason Shriners – Having Fun and Helping Kids
Jack English Presentation
Having Fun and Helping Kids
Mason Shriners – Having Fun and Helping Kids
Presented by Jack English                

Watch a 23 minute video, on a large screen with professional sound, that tells the story
of Mason Shriners. Jack presents a program of Blue Lodge/Shrine partnerships
designed to bring more Masons, including Shriners, back to lodge. Subjects include:

•        Rusty Nail Degree Team
www.MembershipTeam.comBlue Lodge Masons and Shriners – Partners for
•        Mentor / Greeter Program
•        Sunshine Committee – Senior Masons Helping Senior Masons

Communication is essential to retaining members. Learn how to do it more effectively
through the use of an automated telephone calling system. Find out which system is
best for your lodge. Learn how to promote your lodge functions with free internet

To have this program presented to your lodge:  
Jack English at (704) 821-9749 or E-Mail